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We are now just over thirty days away from the Louisiana Animal Care & Control Annual Conference!

We have a few new speakers this year from organizations like Bissell, NACA, Best Friends, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. Mrs. Julie Holmes will be joining us again as well. So we hope to provide you all with a lot of new information for you to take back to your agencies and shelters!

LACCA is always looking for new and exciting things to implement at our conferences. So this year, rather than having a "sit down" banquet, we will have a few food truck vendors on site offering a wider variety of eats for you to enjoy during our Tuesday night streetside meet & greet. This should be a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the Animal Services industry.

As a reminder, the Break Out Series on Monday will be sub-divided into three blocks: Catch Pole, OC Spray & Baton and Practical Application. You do not have to attend both of the first to sessions if you are only seeking certification in one tool, although it is recommended that you attend all of them. You must, however, participate in the practical application portion and test out in tool(s) you are wanting certification in.

You have my 100% guarantee the practicals will be FUN!

The website has seen some major renovation over the past year. Hopefully you guys have had a chance to peruse... 2024 will see some changes to the aesthetics... a re-boot as it were. Registering for 2024 will be changing a bit. We are looking at accepting credit card payments online for next year but that is pending Board review and approval.

If you would like to be a speaker next year, or know someone who could provide their valuable insight - LET US KNOW!

And finally, if you haven't registered for this year's conference...

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