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Jason Chambers
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Animal Control Officer

LASPCA - New Orleans, LA

DescriptionSummary of Job: Animal Control work is NEVER dull, and the opportunity to positively impact people and pets in our community is profound! Animal Control is one of the fastest-growing professions in the country and we want you to bring your passion for animals, strong interpersonal skills, and commitment to keeping pets and people together to our team! At LA SPCA, this role involves public health and public safety law enforcement (local and state laws pertaining to animals). In addition, you would be responsible for promoting and supporting the LA SPCA's programs and services. Success Criteria & Essential Functions:

  • Adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions and remain calm in high-stress situations

  • Demonstrate Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Take initiative when responding to animal-related calls and ensure that one’s work is complete and accurate

Jason Chambers
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Animal Shelter Manager


New Orleans, LA • Animal Care


Job Description: Animal Shelter ManagerOverview of Job: This position is responsible for managing and overseeing the Behavior and Partnership Programs prioritizing the mental wellbeing and quality of life for animals in our care; Areas of responsibility include animal behavior assessments, behavior modification strategies, placement of animals through transport and breed rescue, and the stewardship of our highly successful Foster and Behavior Training Programs. This position is responsible for the design, implementation, and continuous improvement these programs. Success Criteria & Essential Skills:

  • Possessing an exceptional track record within a customer service environment, this position will build strong relationships with internal and external customers maintaining the highest level of customer engagement.


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